Elder's Scroll Skyrim V : Game Of The Year : Review

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The Elder scroll V 

The cold harsh world is waiting for you , its huge , its open and beautiful . At first it looks like a eye candy to you but there are many enemies waiting for you like vampires , bandits and necromencers . This world is as much lively as Texas . But it’s ok because it has many questline like its predecesors .This game is in the genre of RPG and for the people who loves open world , want’s to play like how they want ( no forced missions ) . 


So what’s new with game ? there is many new things in this world and first and formost one is it’s graphics are far better then Morrowind and Oblivion .  When you looks the sunset between mountains you will be forced to stop and view that scene such is the beauty of Skyrim’s world . Nights are much beautiful than days with starlight and galaxies in the sky  .River water and  and everyother fluid looks great if not real . And then we have cities , Big cities and looks good . Magic also looks real , its beautiful when flames are coming out of your hands ( and it did not hurt player ) or the weapons ( especially the Daederic weapons ) Textures are good and physics of Skyrim’s universe is somewhat same as our own universe so it’s believable ( physics rules are not applicable to horses !!!).  So Overall graphics are in line with the games of modern times so i will give them score of :



Music of skyrim is great , its like honey to ears . Music changes accroding to mood changes in Enviroment  . And they all are like great to listen . Also the music dosen’t stand own it’s own , it embedded in the enviroment so that it feels like real world and Not like ‘ trailer Video ‘ . From the sound of water to enemies roar and Gian’t big footsteps , everything is perfect . The sound of fire blast and other magics is also upto the mark . the only place where it loose out is the sound of melee fights , it doesn’t looks that good and believable to me . So Overall Music is good and better then what we could have hoped for : 



We are dragonborn and by some chance we are in Skyrim .  Skyrim is in the middle of the civilwar between native Nord peoples led by ulfric and Imperials of the Empire . In this hard times there comes a new threat , and you guessed it , yeah its DRAGONS . Dragons which were believed to be extinct are now somehow coming back to life . Our destiny is to stop this because as the prophecy says it’s the end times .So its not the type of story which will inspire you or will make you think twice about what’s happening , so it above then average story for a rpg game .I will this the score of :



Magic was always the best part of this series and now also it is .From fire blast to ice spikes , from illusion magic to conjuration and everyother type of magic which was there earlier are now also here , and with better graphics . although bit underpowered in the lategame , playing as mage is really a fun . Although same cannot be said about melee , it’s not that bad either but it’s  average . we dont unlock any moves or have eye candy fights , instead we just increase the damage . So melee is average with simple mechanism like slash and block . In this game we have new type of entry , that is SHOUTS , they are cool and very unique . And they are powerful as-well  . Then we have tons of quests to choose from apart from main quests . the questline and missions can be changed accroding to how players play and what decisions they take .I will give gameplay the score of :



It’s very good game and you must play it if you are the fan of Elder’s scroll series .If you are new to this franchise then this is the game to start from . It beautiful , balanced and cheap . The amount you invest by buying this game will give you good return ( if return = entertainment ) . So have fun playing this game , especialy on PC because then you will become the’ GOD of Skyrim ‘.

So i am giving this game the score of :

8.5/ 10 

Now Fus-Duh-Rah !!!!! :p


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