Family Heritage

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We all have our own family and living in a country. Our country is having unique traditional and cultural values in the same way our family is also having unique traditions and culture. Our ancestors are our treasure and taught this kind of tradition to us. Our ancestors know about the importance of our family. Each and every family is having their own heritage.

Most of us never try to find or know about our family value or heritage, if we started to search about this thing we come to know about various interesting things and amazed with the traditional value of our family. 

In ancient days most of the people are living in joint family and the elders will tell a lot of stories to the little kids, some of the stories includes the traditional value of their family. The kids are very much interested in hearing this kind of stories. In my childhood days my granny told this kind of stories and i heard some good information about my ancestors in this way.

If you want to know about the importance of your family, you may ask it from your granny or elders in your family. Some of the modern kids don’t know their grand parents name in this modern world and don’t know about the importance of their family, it is really unfortunate. We must know about our parents and grand parents name and hear about the heritage of our family. Surely each and every family is having an unique story in this way and we may come to know about a lot of things about our ancestors and fore fathers by hearing this kind of stories.

I learnt about the heritage of my family from my granny and i am telling the stories to my sons, to make them to realize the value of our family. In this way we will spread the heritage of our family and make our next generation to know about the importance of the family value. Try to hear about your family value from your elders and spread it out to your friends, relatives,kids and  other family members.


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