Dealing With Crazy In-Laws

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Have you ever had those crazy in-laws that just step into your life every second and demand that you get lost? I’m sure you have. It just doesn’t get any better does it. Things can be smooth at first, but you will notice the craziness after awhile. It’s normal for in-laws to go wild; after all, they might not be used to having a new family member or to totally lose sight of their child. Most parents still see their kid as a little child and don’t treat them like adult when they are an adult. In-laws go crazy because they are shock sometimes as an empty nest or that they have to get go of their child. It could be a wild experience for them. Is there a way to deal with crazy in-laws? Yes, there are many ways to deal with them and here are some to help you deal with them.

Move out

I think moving out is the best thing that you can do for your family. I think that you will end up in mayhem if you live with your in-laws. It hasn’t been done successfully by a lot of people so don’t even think about it. You should have your own nest to build on. They’re not around so they can’t blame you and yell at you for everything.

Don’t communicate often

If you have problems with the in-laws, you should not communicate often to them. Why do so when you don’t even get along? It will only create more problems. You should avoid the phone calls, frequent visits or gossip.

Have their child communicate to them

You should let your mate communicate with their family since you don’t know them that well. Let your mate do everything, since they will like it more that way and they will not yell at you for it.

Avoid the old school people

You should avoid the old school in-laws. There are so many elderly that are old school. They think that people in this age still has to do the things that were done fifty years ago, which is ridiculous.

Keep your secrets

It’s best to keep your secrets to yourself. If you tell your mate that you’re gambling, partying, drinking, on drugs, fighting, your in-laws will rip you apart within a day. They will go after you. Sometimes, people dive into these problems and they’re normal, since people usually go through some sort of problems or mid-life crisis but it doesn’t mean that it has to be worst. You will get over your problems eventually.

Don’t let them visit you

If they’re crazy, you should not let them visit you. You don’t have to let them visit you. You should shut them out. You should tell them that you will visit them when it’s time. They have no business interfering in your life. A marriage to their kid, still does not allow them to tear you down, since your mate is an adult. They can do whatever that they want as adult.

Don’t gossip back and forth

You should not gossip back and forth about problems in your marriage. It will only make matter worse. Gossips are dangerous. You should not gossip unless you have too.


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