What to do When Your Car Doesn’t Start

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Check your batteries

Usually it’s a bad battery or that it’s old and that’s why it’s not working or that you drained out your battery with an open door or light or radio. The cable to your battery might not be intact so open up the hood and look at the wires to see that they’re plug in. it should be tighten at all time. You should take precaution since working under the hood is always dangerous. If your battery is many years old, it’s time to consider a new one since it’s cheap anyways and you can trade them in at any AutoZone. Your car will never have starting problems again after you install in a new battery.

Check for fluid

If there is fluid in your front compartment when you open up the hood like anywhere that might have gotten into the spark plug, it might interfere with the engine starting a plug. When the weather is cold, the spark plug will take awhile to start. You just have to wait after several attempts for it to work properly.

Sparks plug intact not too old

The spark plug itself must be intact or at least the wires to them must be intact and not too old. Old spark plug is not as effective as new spark plug. You might consider having it change at your shop. It will make your car start better.

Wires intact

The wires to your battery or spark plug need to be intact. Wires sometimes can come off loose when someone else worked on your cars or if you forget to put them back.

Old batteries

Old battery will usually give you starting problems so change to a new battery. Old car will often have old battery so change them. If it’s a new car, you might have drain out the battery.


If you need a jumpstart, you can ask a bystander or call your insurance company. You can carry with you an automatic jump cable and use it on yourself.


You should always have sufficient gas. Insufficient gas will cause your car to have trouble starting because there is not enough gas to start combustion.

If not then spark plug

The spark plug need to be change if it’s too old. The wires need to be inspecting for intactness.

Keep trying

 Often your car will start after several attempt so keep on trying. If after several attempt, and you have not got it to start, you should jump your car, or bring it to the shop.

Have it check out at a shop

It’s best to have it inspect at a shop if you always have starting problems. It could be a bad battery or an old spark plug.


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