Why is The Media Like TV is Bad For Your Children

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Your children are young and confused

Children are young and confused and they don’t think clearly yet. They’re different than adults. Many things that are on TV are just silly according to adults. Even violence or sex appeals, it’s just silly since we can clearly see that it’s purely fictional. We do not live it while children might buy into believing that how they should behave in real life if they were to watch a sitcom. Or they might think that being anorexic is beautiful and they should look like that.

Filter should be put in

You should definitely filet their TV and laptops. They could be watching adult’s material that is not healthy for them. Children should be censored for media content. Your children can become addicted to adult entertainment if you don’t put a filter on their laptops. They don’t need to know about when they’re under 18.

TV is all about money

TV lies because they’re just a business and they’re all about money. They only care about ratings, and money from rating. They keep putting on that drug addict Charlie Sheen, just to make a lot of money, even though he’s a bad role model, addicted to drugs and a woman beater. Sure, he got appeals, but he’s no good. I wouldn’t want my children looking up to him and watching him and knowing the things that he’s doing.

They don’t care about your kids

TV never thinks about your kids. They don’t care as long as they’re ranking in cash. You have to care for your kids.

Too much violence on TV

There is too much violence on TV. It’s not good for kids. They will be thinking that it’s fun to be violent. They will try it at home. They will fantasize about it. They think it’s ok to hit or harm people. They will accept violence easily. It’s ok for adults since they can filter through fiction but it’s hard for children to filter through the rights and wrongs in the media.

Too much pressure to look a certain way

TV hires a lot of professional models and actors and media personalities. They’re born gorgeous. They’re born six feet tall and one hundred lbs. they didn’t have to work for it. Kids might think that they have to look like their favorite celebrities in order to feel attractive or be accepted by their peers or people, who is wrong and a fantasy from reality. People often get lost with TV telling them what to do.

Fictional and rating

Corruptions of Hollywood

There are too much corruption in Hollywood, like drugs, money, and scandals, and it shows up on their shows a lot. The writers are just as mess up as the director as the producers so don’t count on them to make a positive appeal to your family.


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