Why we Should Legalize Gay Marriages

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They will do it anyways

I believe that the gay couple would still date each other, live with each other, raise children, until they die. What difference does a piece of paper makes to them? There is no difference whether they’re married or not. It makes no difference to the community except that they will be happier if it’s on paper and they get a good tax deduction from it. They can protect each other and be protected just in case they’re divorced. If you don’t allow them to get married, they will still be happy together and they will not break up just over a piece of paper. Why would you want to make a big mess anyways? People are free so they should be free to do what they want to do in the US, at least, because other people are not free in other countries. The US allows people the pursuit of happiness, so why are you blocking them from pursuing their happiness.

People deserve happiness

The pursuit of happiness meant something in this country. We are free to do what we love, even if it’s against all odds. There are ballet male dancers, if that doesn’t say much. No, there is open marriage in this country, and that is so abnormal. I believe that people deserve to be happy so long as they’re not harming others and themselves and love is no harm. They’re not harming anyone and no one has to accept them or invite them over for dinner if they don’t want too. It’s just their personal lives. Men and women have been gay forever. Some people are born bisexual and they can’t do much to fix it. Some people are born with the opposite sexes genital and they can’t do much about it. Some people are attracted to the same sex, and there’s not much that they can do about it. We are attracted to beauty, flowers, animals, the ocean, and we can’t change that. Whatever is beauty to them belongs to them.

The paper doesn’t say much

I don’t believe that a marriage license will change anything or the community, but even make the community more peaceful and protected for gay people. it will help them blend in and getting more acceptance. They get more protection in financial and legal terms when they get married and it’s good for them. They get good tax deductions and someone who can sign their hospital bills. I don’t believe that people should be ban from gay marriage. I know a lot of gay people and I know that they can be good people too.

People are free

People are free in the US for the most part to pursue happiness, so I think that they should be free to get married to whoever that hey wishes too as long it’s a safe thing, like not marrying a minor.

Gay has always been there

Why are people so shock about gay marriage? People have been gay since Leonardo De Vinci time. There is nothing to be afraid of. For some reason, our neighbors would find it more fulfilling to be with the same sex and we should allow that.  

It makes citizens happier

If it makes people happier and the community more peaceful then it’s a good thing. You would only make people angry and prejudice if you act against it.

There is mass number of gay

Nowadays, there is a mass number of gay in the community, so why not help support their well being. It will be better off for them and for everyone else too. We all have the freedom of choice to be happy in this light so no one should take that away from us.


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