What to do in Las Vegas For The Elderly

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Las Vegas have something for eveyrone and just as much for the elderly. Las Vegas is a relaxing place to visit for the elderly, if they enjoy a small table game, or see a relaxing fun show. We have it all here. How about enjoying our fine dining here? We are well known for fine dining and buffets.


We have plenty of shows here for everyone. They have the circuits here, Le Reve, Phantom of the Opera, comedy shows, and many more daily. You can check at the casino websites for daily show time. There are also special concerts at every major casino.

Dining out

Vegas are well known for dinging out. You should do some fine dinging when you’re here and you will be impressed with our chef. They have all sorts of dishes here from Italian to Chinese to Japanese food. I think it’s more affordable to try the buffets since you will get to choose from hundreds of dishes versus one or two dish from fine dining. Sometimes, they over charge you at fine dinging places. You pay about one hundred dollars for a bow of ice cream sometimes, with the mandatory tips.


Vegas are wonderful when it comes to sightseeing. You will have a blast checking us out. It will take you several days to finish check out the strip and downtown Vegas. We also have outdoors scenery like Red Rock, Mt.Charleston or Lake Mead. They have the casino and hotel out by Lake Mead too.


Do you like to shop? We have the fashion show mall right on the strip for your enjoyment. You can shop until you drop there. We all have several outlets in Vegas like the Prim outlet by blue Diamond and Las Vegas blvd.


You might love the art in Vegas. We got some of the best art museum here from fine art at Bellagio to Madam Tussaeu. You will have a wonderful time checking out some of the most famous art in the world.

Grand Canyon tour

We also have fantastic outdoor fun like the Grand Canyon helicopter tour. You can get tickets online or out on the strip. It’s fun and affordable.  We also have Lake Mead cruise here too. Lake Mead is very affordable. You can rent boats, Jet Ski out there and you can go swimming so bring some bikini or swim wear this summer and check out Lake Mead with the rest of Vegas locals.


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