Are You Being Scam by a Cult

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I was watching a Dr. Phil taping and notice that there was a woman who was scam by Tony Alamo, at a church for her life and her children’s life. She finally went on Dr. Phil and asks for help. I guess this could be like a Mormon church. There are a lot of practices with the Mormon Church that make them look like they’re a cult. I met a Mormon pastor one time and he was abusing his wife in daylight and he think that it’s ok. She wasn’t allowed to buy something that was a dollar even. He kept nagging on her about not buying it because she doesn’t need it. He doesn’t’ even has a dollar. I thought that it was strange but every time that I see him, he was always telling his wife what to do.

There was polygamy back in the day at the Mormon Church. I guess it was ok for the man to have many wives but the wife can only have one husband. I don’t know what kind of God teaching that is but I know that God would not accept it. I think that there are weird things about the Mormon Church. I hope that you’re not a Mormon but some people are. I hope than they’re not using you and you’re not brainwash by them. It’s ok to believe in the Divine power but not to some human being who molest kids and then turn around and tell you to live by their every word either.

If you sense that your Church is weird, then it probably is weird. It must be weird if people try to control you from the outside world, like not being able to get in touch with your fiends or family, or not being able to own a TV, cell phone, or laptop. It’s wrong for your Church to take life away from you. If they’re depriving you of anything, then it’s assign that it’s wrong. A lot of Church has good intention, but many of them are just there for the donation and they spend it on parties and themselves. I used to be in some charity group and I know well with what they do with the money. A lot of Church nowadays is just a front. You just have to be careful. They care more about what you put in the donation basket than anything else. A lot of church are also molesting children and seducing goers. I don’t doubt their wrongdoing at all. The devil does act on their behalf too.

If you find that your church is suffocating your wit weird stuff then it’s time to let go of that Church and find another Church or don’t go at all. You can pray and prays ether Lord in your own home. You don’t need a Church to do it. God love is all in your heart and that’s all that you need to know about. God will not punish you if you don’t show up to a scamming Church. The Lord will not be there at such Church either for the devil is there.


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