Moles And Skin Lesions Specialist And Surgical Remedy!

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During the working period, human skin is susceptible to intake a number of toxic substances from the environment. At the same time, human body is so structured as to nullify the adverse effects of such substances and has a natural capability to regenerate new cells in place of the damaged ones. However, with the natural phenomenon of ageing, this capability of regeneration gets retarded; giving rise to break down of collagen and other signs of ageing such as wrinkles, face lines.

External structure of skin is supported from below by fat. But with ageing, the volume of fat gets reduced thus shrinking down the external skin. Therefore, unusual loss of weight may show signs of sagging skin. This is more significant with a person with obesity, loosing weight unusually, exhibiting a large areas of saggy , flabby and loose skin. Present social environment calls for effective, attractive and eye catching external personality. A person with shabby look is apt to be over looked by the society. To keep oneself abreast of demand of the society, those concerned about self-image prefer to go in for skin operation, so as to rectify the undesirable skin structure. Skin pore removal or skin lesions treatment are in high demand.

A little about various types of skin surgeries:

Treating sagging skin:

Doctor is to be consulted for getting relief from sagging skin. Options available for this are Face lifts and Cheek lifts. The sagged skin can be mended by Surgical Skin Surgery. Abdomen is the most vulnerable location where the problem exists. As per expert medical advice, a flat stomach could be attained by removing all the annoying, flabby skin by Abdominoplasty. With the increasing popularity of Cosmetic surgery, Cosmetic make over is drawing more attention from eligible patients who could afford for this kind of ultra modern and

Biopsy – Skin surgery:

This is a procedure under which the condition of the skin is diagnosed. After staining the cells with colored dyes, the structure of the skin is viewed through a microscope.

Excision  / Skin lesions:

In order to fully remove skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma, cell carcinoma or melanoma, the skin lesions are excised.

A little about curettage of skin lesions:

Under this procedure, the dermatologist removes scrapes off the skin lesion and applies heat to the skin surface (always remember to contact skin lesions specialist).

Grafting – a popular procedure: 

This is a very popular kind of procedure in which a piece of skin taken out from another part of the body is stuck or grafted on the where the skin has been missing.

Mohs controlled excision:

This is most beneficially applied to those having skin cancer.

This procedure is best suited for people who have skin cancer.

Radiation Therapy:

In cases where surgery is not possible, X-rays are applied to destroy tissues in certain types of skin cancer.


This procedure is applied to remove the outer layers of skin , which softens the irregular edges.

Laser Treatment:

Without going in for a major surgery, this procedure can be applied to cases such as birth marks or damaged blood vessels, removal of port wine stains and shrinkage of Spider Veins.

Another way: Photodynamic Therapy:

Under this procedure, a chemical called aminolevlinic acid is applied to the skin and then the skin is exposed to a special kind of light source.


Under this procedure, chemicals like 5-fluorouracil, diclofenac or imiquimod are applied in order to destroy cancerous growths or cankerous legions.

 For skin surgery related to moles, skin lesions etc contact the best skin specialist.

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