How to Get Bottled Water Coupons

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If you drink bottled water like I do, every day, then you really NEED bottled water coupons. If I drank the cheap stuff, maybe it would be okay, but NO, I drink Evian, Fiji, and Iceland Spring bottled water. At roughly $6 a day, the cost adds up fast.

I have had much trouble seeking bottled water coupons. They are scarce and hard to find. My best source is eBay, and the good thing is that you can usually find bottled water coupons in multiples of 10 or so here. If you are a Crystal Light drinker, you might want to try to find these coupons on eBay as well. Click here for a bottled water coupons search on eBay. There should be about 100 listing under $5 or so. Click here for a Crystal Light Coupon Search on eBay. Pump your water up!

Luckily, I was able to find 10 Fiji bottled water coupons and 10 Evian bottled water coupons for around $3. That’s $3 for a total savings of $20 on coupons I am definitely going to use.

I think Fiji also offers some coupons for delivered bottled water. This might make the shipping less expensive. With Fiji water delivery, you can order by the case, and shipping is free when you order direct. A case is $37 on average and comes in a variety of sizes. Click here for 30% off Fiji Water Direct, but I am not sure how long this will last.

The manufacturers of Deer Park, Zephyrhills, Poland Spring, and Ice Mountain is Nestle Waters North America and can be located at,,, and They usually feature one or two coupons.

Iceland Spring, by far my favorite bottled water, has no coupons anywhere that I was able to locate, and I did an exhaustive search. This is some of the cleanest water you can drink. Please, please, please post any more links to bottled water sites with coupons you might come across. This is very valuable information to myself and a lot of other bottled water drinkers.

Click here for other great coupons!

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