Finance Idea – Pay Better Quality Employees

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Let’s get right down to this! Every dealership has a finance and insurance department. This department is a giant profit middle in any dealership. In some cases, it earns more money than the sale of the automobile itself. Profits are made from plenty of things that most buyers do not understand.

I would like to make myself clear on a small number of items that I notice before I get deep in to the sales processes at any dealership, including RV, automobile, boats, motorbike, and even furniture or other prominent ticket items. A business has to turn a reasonable reap some benefits in order to stay in business. I think that they ought to make this profit and use it to pay better quality employees a premium wage in order to serve you better. The economical strengths or deficiencies of any business can absolutely have a dramatic effect on your customer support and pleasure. I do not, in any shape or form, need to hurt a dealerships productivity, as it is essential for his survival. I merely need to advise people how to negotiate a small better in order to make the profit middle more balanced.

You as a consumer ought to understand the “flow” of the sales method to understand the profit centers that are ahead of you. Most negotiating from the consumer seems to cease after the original cost is negotiated and agreed on. Let’s examine a small portion of what leads up to that point.

The first thing that every consumer ought to understand is that when you go to a dealership several things come in to play. of the most important things that I could point out to you is that you are dealing with a business that has been trained to get the most amount of money from you as they can. They are trained and they practice these tactics everyday, day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year. Let me point out a couple of important facts that I have said in this paragraph. First, you’ll notice that I said a dealership and not a salesman and secondly, I emphasized times of day after day, week after week, etc. etc. This was completed to let you know that the salesperson is working closely with the sales managers in order to make as much money as they can. Your interests are not their aim in most cases.

One tactic that is used heavily in the business is that the salesperson says they is new to the business. This may be true or not, however; keep in mind that they does not work alone. They is working with store management, who gives him advice on what to say and when to say it. These guys or gals are very well trained on how to overcome every objection that you may must purchasing from them. They have been trained in the psychology of the buyer and how to tell what your “hot buttons” are. They listen to things in your conversation that you may say to another as well as to the salesperson. They are trained to tell their table managers everything that you say and then the table manager is trained to tell the salesperson exactly what and how to answer you. A seasoned salesman does not require as much advice from his table and may negotiate a small more with you directly without going back and forth.


The system of negotiation begins the moment that you walk in to the front door or step foot out of your automobile and start to look at vehicles. Different stores display stock in different ways. This is done for crowd control or more often known as “up control”. Control is step in negotiating with a customer. Ever who asks the questions controls the situation. Let me give you an example: A salesman walks up to you and says “Welcome to ABC motors, my name is Joe, and what is yours?” The salesperson has asked the first question- you answer “My name is George.” They then asks you what you are looking for today, or; the famous “Can I help You?” As you can see, step after step, query after query, they leads you down a path that they is trained to do.


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