10 Things You Can Do With Various Things Which They Were Not Meant For

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  1. 10 Things You Can Do With a Brick
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Turn off the light (with a well aimed throw).

Turn off the light permanently (with a slightly less well aimed throw).

Massacre ants.

Convert a right hander to a left hander (with enough force in the right spot).

Make a crossbow (if your name is MacGyver).

Show off the toughness (or non-toughness) of your skull.

Create a work of art.

Uncreate a work of art.

Turn a jelly doughnut into a jelly pancake.

Name stupid people after them.

10 Things You Can Do With a Cup


Paint it red and make a miniature Fez.

Have an excuse to smash the first person who makes a “2 Girls 1 Cup” joke in the face with the aforementioned brick.

Put out a fire very slowly.

Eat it (not recommended).

Make a crossbow (if your name is MacGyver).

Turn it into a Molotov cocktail that has to be held very steadily and is only effective when dropped directly from above.

Avoid potential charges of indecent exposure (glass cups not applicable).


Make extremely unreliable substitutes for messages in a bottle.

Make yourself and a friend look like idiots by tying an end of string to the bottom of two cups and pretending that they’re telephones.

10 Things You Can Do With a Blanket


Murder someone with a cotton allergy.

Turn it into a straitjacket (extra stitching required).

Flirt with someone who has a blanket fetish.

Flirt with someone who has a straitjacket fetish.

Make a crossbow (if your name is MacGyver).

Feed moths.

Camouflage yourself in a blanket factory.

Make a diaper for an elephant.

Dip pieces of it into a gasoline filled cup to make an inconveniently used Molotov cocktail.

Wrap it around a gun to use as a silencer as you assassinate an Italian American mob boss to facilitate your rise as the most powerful mafia don in the country and win two Academy Awards for Best Supporting Actor for it.

10 Things You Can Do With Orange Juice


Murder someone with diabetes.

Save the life of someone with diabetes.

Convert it into a different kind of yellow liquid.

Put it in a cup and use it to put out a fire very slowly.

Make a crossbow (if your name is MacGyver).

Put cows out of business.

Drown someone, regardless of their diabetes situation.

Get plaque in your teeth.

Turn off a computer (permanently).

Pour it on one side of saran wrap and let it dry to make really shitty tape.

10 Things You Can Do With a Glove


Make really cheesy analogies about well fitting suits.

Touch slugs without getting grossed out.

Get acquitted.

Punch people without actually touching them.

Make a crossbow (if your name is MacGyver).

Strangle people with increased effectiveness if they have a latex allergy (latex gloves only)

Substitute them for condoms (Chernobyl residents, only).

Wear different types of them over others to gain the benefit of every type.

Make a really shitty Molotov cocktail out of a cup and blanket shreds without getting any gasoline on your hands.

Fuck with fingerprint scanning devices.


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