Pros And Cons of Homeschooling

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With public schools overcrowded and understaffed, and with private schools prohibitively expensive, homeschooling is an increasingly attractive option for many parents. Perhaps you want to provide your child with a religious instruction, or maybe your child has a learning disability that would benefit from the personal attention afforded by homeschooling. Homeschooling is an excellent option for many parents, but there are other factors to consider before making the decision to home school. Is homeschooling right for you and your child?


»Homeschooled students outperform their public school peers by 30 to 37 percent on standardized tests.

»Studies suggest children benefit from delaying formal education until they have achieved sufficient maturity. According to these studies, homeschooling encourages self-worth, optimism, and respect for parents and peers.

»Homeschooling graduates are more likely to be involved in their community, with 71% involved in activities such as volunteering, coaching, or working with churches and neighborhood associations. In contrast, only 37% of adults with more conventional educational backgrounds can boast the same. Homeschooling graduates also outperform their peers on metrics such as voting participation and quality of life.


»Standards of academic quality are inconsistent. In forming a curriculum for your homeschooled child, it can be difficult to ensure that the curriculum is of adequate quality and rigor.

»Homeschooled children can suffer from a lack of socialization with peers from different ethnic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds. If you want your child to be exposed to many different viewpoints and kinds of people, you will have to find extracurricular activities in which to involve your child.

»Even well-intentioned parents can often transmit their personal bias onto their child. If it is important to you that your child be an independent thinker, it will take extra effort to ensure that they are trained to ask questions and come to their own conclusions.

In Conclusion

Before embarking on a homeschooling curriculum, think carefully about how to overcome the challenges that homeschooling can present. Though there are potential pitfalls for parents who want to homeschool their children, there is also a great possibility for a rich and rewarding experience for parents and children alike.


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