How to Speed up Your Business With Iphone Apps

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I’m seeing a pattern with phone applications nowadays and it’s helping business in every single way, and more so for online businesses that rely on traffics and ads revenues. People are just going mobile in this day and age and it looks like you got to have an Iphone app for your business or else you are losing out on thousands of revenues. I noticed that my entire family have been viewing content on our phones lately and we rarely go back to the big laptop anymore. I’m sure this is so for many people out there and even busy people who need to view contents and pay bills. Almost everything is going mobile so you should too.

Customer’s database

Your phone does have applications for customer’s database that you can have quick access to when you need them. You don’t need to open up your computer to get to it. You can type them as you go. It’s quick and it saves time. There are millions of business apps out there that can help you reduce time in your business.

Answering emails

It’s wonderful to be able to answer your email when you can just look at your phone. Your customers will be able to get up to date replies and that’s just wonderful. You can also see your own personal emails. When it’s quick, it’s great. You get more sales if you can answer customer’s questions fast and provide them with guidance.


You can receive orders information and also place orders yourself with your phone apps. There is tons of business app and you will be able to find your own needs.


You can also put in inventory and track inventory with your apps. You can also order inventory as needed. You can tract statistics on your sales. I’m sure they got an app for this.


You can see real time statistics of your sales, inventories and so forth or inquiries. It will depend on your business.


You can also build your own online store and be able to access it daily. Every business nowadays needs a store front. It will also help your sales since a store would enable the entire world to have access to you.


You get to read your feedbacks and allow customers to send you there feedbacks.

Contact you

You can also get an app to see your customers emailing or contacting you. It will help them if they’re able to contact you and let you know what’s going on and their feedback and questions.

Goggle voice 

You will be able to check your Google voice, and reduce your phone bills, if you have a lot of calls and messages.


Do you need a calculator? They have plenty of fast calculators to help you out. This is very convenient and you don’t even need to carry one.

Finance banking

Every business has some finance and banking to do so they have all the banks apps that will allow you to bank online. This is very helpful and convenient.

Pay your bills

You can pay your bills online and this helps reduce time when you have some down time.

Call your customers

When you have a great phone with you, you can use it to call your customers and maybe even get free minutes so no land line is required.


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