How To Lead A Passionate Life & Free Yourself From Boredom

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There are 2 kinds of people in the world…
..the ones that go with the flow and those who are PASSIONATE about something. This post is for the later.

If you have passion for something… you are either living it or your are trying to find a way to live your passion.

If you are already living your passion… we NEED you! Please share, how did your get to live your passion with us! (Just leave a comment or a link to your website on the comments below) we’ll love to hear your story.

The biggest impediment from people jumping in with both feet is MONEY! People need cash! bottom line.

Heck yeah! …
…The way to do it is by not RUSHING it. Slow down .. and just think for a moment…
The answer is a BLOG!
..a stupid blog can monetize your passion! YES! That’s it! Is that simple! ..and that leads me to the next question..

Well.. is the vehicle that will help you monetize your passion. If you never made money from a blog before, the fastest way to learn how is to Google “how to monetize a blog” there are like a 1 million freaking ways to do it. Just Google it and you’ll find the way. Some are very complex / technical and some are simple. Just find one method, stick to it and when you get some money then reinvest back into your blog and move on to method number 2, rinse and repeat.

The more value you put into your blog the better. So put ALL you energy INTO YOUR PASSION and use some of the money you made from your passion to make your blog nicer. Hire a designer an add all kinds of fancy stuff on your blog so people will like it better. Hire a programmer that can help you integrate an auto-responder for follow up purposes, get rotator banners, plugins, etc; hire someone that is proficient with Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization so more people can find you online. In other words the more traffic and people visiting your blog, the most money your will make out of you passion.

Write your first post about what you are passionate about.
Just talk about what makes you come alive, give without expecting anything back! – You can do it! …go ahead and free yourself from that J.O.B. that you hate, remember that your blog is the vehicle to help you get there, say to yourself that you are willing to do whatever it takes! ..but don’t waste your time with technical stuff or try to figure out how to move an image 2 inches to the left. Get over it! Just HIT the PUBLISH button; EVEN if it’s ugly! No worries very soon your blog will be spiting out tons of cash and by then you will a better looking blog. When you outsource the design and marketing your can focus 100% on your passion. But for now.. just let it all out! Don’t hold anything back, share your passion, share your story! share your life.
The world need people to come alive, people like you, the world need your ideas, your passion and we need to hear your story. HINT – try to become the best storyteller you can possibly be. You will be in a much better position if you learn the power of storytelling. Again, don’t waist time analyzing stuff – take ACTION do whatever it takes to get your content out there.
If you don’t know something then Google it, if you need some inspiration, go to YouTube but don’t stop! Focus on your passion ONLY. Nothing else Matters your OWN passion is your passport to Freedom. Take good care of it, feed your passion daily and use your blog to get TONS of CASH out of your PASSION.
Share your blog post below. Can’t wait to take a look and give you my positive feedback.


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