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Are you 10 or 20 lbs less than your ideal weight?

If you are 10 o 20 lbs underweight than you are losing too much weight.

Many people are often 10 or 20 lbs above their ideal weight and not below. Losing weight is hard for most people since a lot of us have a sedimentary lifestyle and we are too busy to diet and exercise. Many people in the US are facing obesity problems and a few are facing anorexic problems. Losing a lot of weight fast is not healthy and being too thin is not healthy either. You should be at your ideal weight. It’s understandable if you’re a model or actress, since the profession requires that you’re thin to be demanding.

Do you obsess with weight loss?

Are you obsessed with weight loss? Do you read weight loss magazine all day long? Do you weight yourself every day? If you are obsess with weight loss then you might be addicted to weight loss. Do you know why you have to be thin? And why do you want to be thin? A normal person onset’ weights them daily either. A normal is too busy with their life to put their weight first. They might put their health first but their weight.

Who is pressuring you?

There must be someone or something that is pressuring you to lose weight. Is it your boyfriend, friend, celebrities, TV shows or your high school friends? It seems that teens and young adults are more obsessed with weight loss than older adults. It could be peer pressure. It’s hard to avoid peer pressure in your young years but you should know that peer pressure is dangerous and you don’t need to be like everyone else.

Do you focus on other things?

There are many things to focus on in life than just your weight. If you have friends, schooling, work, sports, and then you can focus on those things to take your mind off of your weight problems. If you are out there having fun with your friends, family, work, then you have no time to look at yourself. I think a lot of people who are obsessed with weight have a lonely lifestyle where they don’t have a lot to focus on except their weight.

Why do you want to be thin?

Why do you want to be thin? Did someone tell you that you are beautiful if you lose weight? It could be your boyfriend. It could be your friends. However, it’s unhealthy to lose weight in order to be beautiful. You don teed to please everyone. You just need to love yourself. A lot of people who have pleasing attitude often come to this problem, where they need to lose weight all the time.

No diet pills

Diet pills can be dangerous so you need to calm down on the pills and perhaps not take them at all. Exercising and dieting alone is good enough. A lot of diet pills out there are not good for your health and have been removed from the counters many times.


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