Addicted to Plastic Surgery Help

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Don’t read a lot of beauty magazine or watch soap operas or TV

The media is the one spot where you will be suffocated with pressure to be a size zero. You have to realize that a lot of celebrities were born a small size and they didn’t deprive themselves of food to look that way. Some people are born a small size, or bone size and some people are big boned and there’s not much that you can do about it. You’re not going to get a million dollar plastic surgery to skim down your bones. It’s too much work.

The studio often use Photoshop to make magazines photos look thin and flawless with a mouse click. You can do that to your photos too. People are being edited on TV to look better, but then again a lot of TV actress or actor is born a fantastic size and a lot of them are models so don’t even try to look like them. If you are comparing yourself to a celebrity than you are beating yourself up. Not everyone is born six feet tall, so you shouldn’t try to hard to compare yourself to them. I know a lot of women do compare themselves to celebrities or model; it’s a sure way to set you up for failure.

Be happy with yourself

No matter your outer appearance, you should be happy and respect yourself. You should not live to please others. People who are pleased by your outer looks only are vein and they’re not worth your time. They will ignore you once they find another trophy. You’re a trophy to them. You can always love your looks and find the charm that you do have, like a beautiful personality, talent, intelligence, and humors. People forget about how you look once they get to know the real you and enjoy you for who you are. One of my best friends does not have the look, but he has the personalities, humor, intelligence, so he beats all the other guys.

I always hang out with him. I never hang out with anyone else, because he makes me laugh, and he always show me a good time. He was also a gentleman. I guess people fall for personalities more than looks so forget about your nose or eyes and just enjoy yourself. You want to hang around with people who look beyond the skin and appreciate you for who you are instead of being vein enough to tell you to get a boob job. I would get very offended if a guy compares my boobs to other women. I would tell him to take alike and chase after the other woman. I would think that I’m more than just boobies but some men will have a hard time understanding this.

Do some positive thinking

People who have addiction often have negative self image or that they don’t try to do a lot of positive thinking. Do you what they are? If you do, you should repeat them daily and make sure that you do get the positive aspects of yourself, like your talent, intelligence, success, humors, and so on. All of these traits are enough to keep someone interested and you don’t need to look like Kate Moss in order to keep a man either. I do understand that a lot of professional models try to look their best, and it’s ok if its career related, because they make a living off of their appearance, but if you’re not, you should not try to get too many surgeries.

Beauty is not everything to a man after the first six months

Beauty is important at first, but after about six months of dating, a man needs more from a woman than someone is just a wall flowers. She doesn’t know anything but smiles and ask him for money. A man needs more than that. Even Tiger Wood or Kobe Bryant’s fell out of their adoration for their lovely wives. They need so much more than your pretty face. You don’t want a man that is that vein and artificial anyways. He won’t make a good father.

Natural remedy

There are natural remedy to help you look beautiful, like makeup, hair do, exercise, good health, losing weight, fashion and so forth. You can change your look dramatically with makeup. You can get large eyes with fake lashes, tall nose with makeup, large lips with makeup, tone with exercise, and shine with a new hair do or color. You don’t always need tons of plastic surgeries. People also look at you differently if you have way too many obvious surgeries. They will think that you’re insecure and that you’re all about the outside.


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