What Social Service Can do For Children in Need

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Children are innocent and helpless individuals and they do deserve a good life and a lot of help. There are a lot of family out there that can’t take care of their children due to poverty, addiction and homelessness. There are help out there like social service from the government. There are also help from the welfare department and department of housing. There is also temporary financial assistance to family with small children. There is also healthcare assistance. People need to know that there is assistance out there. There are assistance if you see children being harm and helpless in other people’s home. You can call for help.

Often, someone will not get help until someone talks or do something about it. I used to see a little boy in my neighborhood and I wanted to call child social service to help him because his mother was a crack addict. She would be begging and doing drugs all the time and the boy was begging and always in torn clothing. I was tempted to get him help but I wasn’t sure if she already had some help for him. I guess he would have a better life in social service foster home than with his crack addict mother. We see things like this all the time and I urge you to call help for the kids. They can’t help themselves and they don’t know any better and they think that they deserve the lifestyle, where there parents are selfish and they’re just hoarding them.

When social service checks on the family, they will interview them and take in the kid if the parents are found to be neglecting them. They could be guilty if they failed to send the child to school, feed them, and have a job to take care of their children. I saw a lot of child abuse when I was using the public transportation. I used to see mothers with their children crying and don’t even have a dollar to pay for bus fare and I used to give them my bus pass. I don’t see how two years old can live up to their mother poverty that doesn’t even have a dollar for bus fare. I was wondering how she was taking care of at home. Was she fed at all? Was she showered at all?

When social service gets a hold or custody of the child, they will reassign them to a foster home and also to a permanent foster home later on. The child will be cared for by appropriate parents who can afford to care for them, like sending them to school, healthcare and nutrition and a home. They will also get some assistance from the government to care for the child. This is by far a better life for the child than their own family. A lot of children are being abused, rape, molested, beaten, starved at their own home and people rarely see it or believe it but they happen all the time. I used to work in a children hospital and I see so many of this case daily that I believe everything that a child could go through in a broken home.


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