Preventing Stretch Marks During And After Pregnancy

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Free Baby Stuff: Stretch Marks!

During pregnancy the most typical worry for nearly all women is the development of stretch marks.  Stretch marks will develop in the majority of women.  This side effect of pregnancy typical occurs during the last trimester.

In addition to stretch marks on the belly, stretch marks may also appear on the posterior, upper thighs and arms, and the breasts.

Family history is a factor in the development of stretch marks.  If your mother, sister, or aunt had stretch marks due to pregnancy, the probability is high that you will also develop them.  Weight gain is a major factor in the development of stretch marks.  While pregnant try to keep your weight to the recommended gain of 25 to 35 pounds if you were not overweight at the start.

For someone who began pregnancy overweight then the recommended weight gain is between 15 and 25 pounds.  Eat sensibly and do not gain a lot of weight all at once but gradually over the entire nine months.  This allows your skin to expand slowly and to retain its flexibility for a smooth contraction after birth.

Any stretch marks that do develop during pregnancy will diminish into small, barely visible, lines overtime with the proper attention during the pre and post pregnancy periods.  There are some preventive measures that you can take from the time you know you are pregnant, throughout the pregnancy and after the birth as your body regains its pre-baby shape.  (1) Drink lots of water.  This is a vital nutrient for you and the baby plus water keeps your skin healthy and hydrated.  (2) Take your prenatal vitamins daily.

Besides supplying the baby with necessary nutrients for good development, vitamins help you retain your good health both internally and externally.  (3)  Keep the potential stretch mark targeted areas moisturized with creams or oils that are specifically manufactured to prevent, or minimize, stretch marks.  And (4) Massage lightly with your finger tips or a soft wash cloth the possible stretch mark areas which will help increase circulation and reduce or prevent stretch marks.  Keeping busy while you are pregnant also helps to avoid the desire to over eat.  Getting the baby’s room prepared will keep both food and stretch marks off your mind.

Designing and decorating for your new arrival is a labor of love.  Plus it is a lot less expensive when you take advantage of the free baby clothes, free baby furniture and free baby samples available whether you know the sex of your baby or not.  Watching your weight, keeping your skin moisturized during and after your pregnancy, taking your vitamins and drinking plenty of water will go a long way to making stretch marks a short problem.

You already know that you are going to completely love and protect the new little member of the family; including the joy you will get from all the free baby stuff  that will make a big budget difference during your baby’s early stages.


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