Tips For Painless Facial

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Though your face is not acne, you need to do facial once in a while to get rid of the fat that accumulates in the skin of the face. However, choose carefully Aesthetician or a beautician who will deal with you. Quite often we would face after the facial bumps caused by push-push, or even acne. To avoid these side effects such as facials, facials follow the correct rules of Tina S. Alster, clinical professor of dermatology at Georgetown University Medical Center.

• Choose wisely. It is important for us to treat serious skin in the salon or spa. But beware the nail-salon also offers facial services. Make sure it is also a licensed Aesthetician. When you arrive at the salon, take a moment to observe the situation around. Notice and office equipment. To be more safe, ask the expert beauty not to use the tool. If not sterilized first, such equipment will actually make your acne after a facial.

• Convey your wishes. Do not do facial if you have chronic acne or rosacea (reddish inflamed skin). Before you let the other person’s hand touches your face, make sure you’ve talked about it carefully with a beauty expert. He should ask you if you use certain products that cause skin irritation such as retinol, vitamin C, or with prescription drugs such as Accutane. Knowing this, workers can choose facial products that are not too hard for you.

• Protect yourself. Facial officers should always use rubber gloves when “working” your face. And facial pain should not be, because it only to clean the fat in the face.Ask him to reduce the “power” if you start to feel sick.

• The need to be alone. Process as facial peels are mild is fine, but you should immediately see a dermatologist for treatment such as microdermabrasion and laser. Extra care that makes you have to pay more for a basic facial treatment should not be necessary. Oxygen treatment, for example, there is no point. Or collagen mask, which will provide extra moisture. This you can do yourself at home.

• Take care of afterwards. After the facial, be careful with your skin for a week. Avoid scrubbing with a material that is too coarse, material containing alpha hydroxy acids and retinoids. Just wash your face with mild cleanser.

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