Why The Cold Air to The Most Romance?

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When cold, people tend to seek warmth. For someone who was beaten by love, the warmth of the most fun is the heat with a loved one. Research shows this hypothesis and found that when the cold weather, people tend to look for something romantic.

“People often think of love as something hot. Relationship between love and warmth appear in everyday language through songs and poems. But is the relationship between romantic love and the heat only to the extent that there is a saying or a direct relationship between physical warmth and romance? ” Jiewen said Hong, assistant professor at the University of Science and Technology of Hong Kong.

In his research, aided by Yacheng Hong Sun, an assistant professor at the University of Colorado. The researchers examined the relationship between love and warmth in the context of selection of movies. Cold weather will allow heat psychological needs. And the psychological heat can be accomplished through love and a romantic

The researchers found that the film-romance film is best when the body feels cold, because cold activates the psychological need for heat. The researchers also found that people who drink iced tea is more likely to choose romantic film that people who drank hot tea.

To demonstrate that the laboratory findings are also in the real world, the authors analyzed the data set rental companies online movie DVD rental. And now with the movie rental record the temperature data and find that people tend to rent a romantic movie theater when the outside temperature is lower.

“The desire to heat influence the choice of watching the film, which is likely to choose a romantic movie. Other studies have documented that when people are in love, usually palms sweating, flushing, increased heart rate and breathing becomes rapid, all of which are associated with the action for the physical warmth, “Hong said as reported by LiveScience, Wednesday (15/02/2012).

In a research report that was published in the Journal of Consumer Research, researchers found that this effect does not depend on the mood and sex, but does not apply to couples who do not take into account the romance film-related psychological heat.


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