Toothpaste Can Cure The Acne

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As a woman you would agree, we will do anything to keep it looking beautiful. For centuries, women have tried various creams, oils, pastes, gels, and others, with varying degrees of success. Many treatments are considered as ingredients ancestors and passed down from generation to generation. But as far as we know what’s behind the tradition of the effectiveness of our skin care? Often a parent’s counsel would only be a myth.

Well, to distinguish between myth and fact, Sally Penford, education manager at The International Dermal Institute, presented a number of beauty myths and explain what is right.

A. Toothpaste can cure pimples

Right and wrong. Regular toothpaste will not cure acne. But, according to Penford, there is some kind of toothpaste that turned out to be helpful. Toothpaste containing menthol can provide a cooling effect that relieves the inflammation of acne by drying.But do not forget, acts clogging the pores will also be at risk.

2. Moisturizer is only used for dry skin

Wrong. Add moisture to oily skin seem contradictory, but Penford emphasized that all types of skin needs moisture, not just dry skin. Good moisturizer for your skin health as it protects skin from UV rays, prevent wrinkles, and soften the skin for applying make-up. Moisturizer are available in different variations according to skin type, including oily skin.

3. Chocolate makes you break out

Wrong. We do need to keep our sugar intake low. However, the type of cocoa found in dark chocolate in fact beneficial for the skin. A study found that cocoa powder has nearly twice the antioxidant than those found in wine, and three times more than green tea. Type of antioxidant is easily metabolized and is useful in the body. Even so, you still can not be eating too much chocolate in the number. However, this includes high-calorie foods.

4. Genetic factors will determine how the aging of skin

Right and wrong. Genetic factors do play a role in skin aging process, but not the only determining factor. The truth, genetic factors determine only about 10 percent of skin aging, according to Penford. The rest, caused by our environment. There are many other external factors that influence how we age the skin. For example, sun exposure, diet is wrong, and bad habits, like smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages.

5. “Petroleum jelly” good for growing eyelashes

Wrong. Petroleum jelly (vaseline or a mixture of mineral oils, paraffin and microcrystalline) will not help the growth of eyelashes. It is precisely this material can cause inflammation and accumulation of fat in the face due to the oil. If the length of your eyelashes are not equal, the better the product you are looking for eyelash extensions. This solution will be faster visible results. Buy false eyelashes are of good quality.

6. Eat oily fish if your skin is dry

True. Fish rich in omega oils are good for the skin. Omega-3 fatty acids is expected to help the health of our cell membranes, overcoming joint pain, and improve the ability of the brain. Type of oil is mostly found in oily fish (pelagic fish), such as anchovies, herring, mackerel, salmon, or sardines.


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