How to Use a Meal Replacement Plan for Rapid Weight Loss

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Of all ways to achieve fast weight loss, meal replacement diets offer the healthiest and most proven method. You already know that eating less calories reduces weight, but why do so many people fail at doing that? Simply, it’s extremely hard to prepare all of your own meals and control the calories/fat within them. Meal replacement plans put the right amount of calories, nutrients and vitamins into your body on a prescribed schedule. It is much easier to stay disciplined when you can follow a program that delivers just what you need.

Research the meal replacement products available. Slimfast, Isagenix, Weight Watchers and like brands offer some great products. Yes, you will be drinking meal replacement shakes for up to two meals per day when you begin. Typically, lunch is the meal you prepare for yourself because it is difficult to make it all the way to dinner off two liquid meals. I know, I tried.

What do the shakes provide? Meal replacement shakes and associated daily regimens have to provide the minimum recommended amount of calories, nutrients, vitamins and fiber as prescribed by the FDA. Brand name meal replacement products on the market have been approved by the FDA, so you are feeding your body what it needs to function properly and without damage.

Also, meal replacement shakes are very convenient. You don’t need to shop, count calories or prepare meals. As a busy professional, this part of the experience has kept me following the program for far longer than I originally intended to.

How does meal replacement actually make me lose weight? The reduced caloric intake invites your system to burn fat stores to produce energy. Also, the cleansing and detoxifying process that is occurring in your body is reducing the need for excess fat. It is proven medical fact that toxins we eat and breath into our system are stored in fat to keep our body safe from them. When you burn through the excess fat, these toxins now get released into your blood stream and flushed through the liver and kidneys. Moreover, you are introducing a lot less toxins into your body during a meal replacement program which reduces the need for the body fat.

Meal replacement programs have helped millions of people and are worth serious consideration. There is not sufficient data to prove fast weight loss through meal replacements is sustainable. I can off this: the weight loss is sustainable as long as you educate yourself about healthy eating habits while on your diet. Otherwise, what is going to stop you from returning to poor habits that caused you to become overweight to begin with?


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