Translations Improved The Flow of Information Accessible

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Translations of technical and medical information products feature is especially criticized by experts in their field are well made, unless the language experts. A good example is when the first information portal for HIV / AIDS information for use in Africa has been developed. Finding reliable and technically correct for the portal was the first selection and information providers involved have a good reputation in the region.

The next step was to translate the information into one of the official languages ​​of the African languages, so that the door could be a resource to serve in a variety of communities. Although computer-assisted translation can be helpful in these cases, we still need a human operator to give a more accurate translation of the information. In the case of non-native speakers of languages ​​spoken language for use. Must be found, for example, in some ancient languages, a word from some of the more modern terms, and an adequate description below, may be, was HIV-Africa portal for the vaccination no period in Xhosa.

Another type of translation service portal was used in the translation of research. The translation of research findings can be considered as a subset of the knowledge transfer of research results to improve as the general public in decision-making in the areas of health and well-being. A proposed definition of the transfer of research results, social responsibility, the efficient packaging of existing knowledge from research to be available in accessible formats to facilitate informed decisions Special Interest Group includes derived ethical. An important part of medical and scientific research is not filtered through the full commitment of the laity. There seems to be a gap in understanding through scientific research and knowledge of the general public will win. This kind of translation service is a highly specialized skill that should also contact the professional translators to concepts in a way that makes them accessible to a wider audience. Examples of this type of translation is often seen in patient care and information websites.

Taking into account, be seen that the three most spoken languages ​​in the world, Mandarin, Spanish and English, the need for translation services on the achievement of business processes across international borders. The types of information easily accessible, if the marketing materials, technical documents and manuals, training or further education worldwide, improve the dissemination of information.


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