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Keeping in this mind “THE EDUCATIONIST” is trying to contribute its address on poverty issues. We treat poverty reeducation not only an exclusive issue but also it is closed linked with other developmental issues like Education, Health, and Empowerment.

“THE EDUCATIONIST” is a non-profit-making voluntary organization deeply dedicated itself to the betterment of the society by undertaking various socio-economic welfare activities through out of state in INDIA.

At first it all started with group of selfless youth, who agonized by the miserable social and economic condition of this area determined themselves to build a common platform from where a social revolution could be launched in-order to tackle the problems faced by this area. They started social & rural development activities by way of repairing village roads renovation of village tanks involving in flood relief operation, awaring rural people against superstitions had not only brought rural for their activities but also encouraged them to continue their social revolution


Poor prospects can be an instrument of all round development of a particular area. It happened in many areas of the world. After complete devastation of Japan in the world War-II, within 20 years again they became a force to recon. Not Just devastation of World War, they had many things adverse. They don’t have adequate natural resources, very high density of population, lack of cultivable land, etc. But the poor prospect of high of population density, they converted it as an instrument for development.

They have purchased natural resources from other countries, utilized them optimally and logically, manufactured masterpieces and exported those to the same country: thus making huge profits for the people of Japan. They heavily induced the human intelligentsia in their products and made their products world No.1.Like wise poor prospects of hilly and difficult of Switzerland are converted into instrument of development of the country with the intelligent use of human resources.

Only governments of the above said countries have not single handedly converted the poor prospects into instrument of development. People’s participation was in the fullest. For development of an area, people’s participation is a must. It is tried and tested everywhere. Governments have helped in Human resources Development and consistent policy formulation. In fact, the people only did real development.

Taking lesson from other development stories, your region can become a developed region with fully people’s participation. In this regard, we have to invest heavily in Human Resources Development. We have to identify our poor prospects, which can be an instrument of development, frame consistent and logical policies, so that within 10 years we can make our region to a developed region.


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