How to Play your MP3 player from your Car Stereo

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Are you like me and feel constantly discriminated against just because you spend $30 on an MP3 player instead of taking out a mortgage on an iPod? It’s like every MP3 accessory that has ever come out since the invention of the iPod has been for the iPod.

Well here’s something that should make all of us with an extra $270 happy. I found a cool little invention that costs only $10 and will allow us to play our lowly MP3 players on any radio including our car radio. It’s called the “Scosche universal FM Transmitter” and what it does is it hooks into your head phone port on your mp3 player and transmits the signal over tiny radio waves to a preselected station so your radio will pick it up and play it.

It’s actually much cooler than just that as it works on anything with a headphone jack so you could turn your walkman into a wireless receiver for your TV. The only down side is that the transmitter doesn’t have a huge range so you can’t listen to something from the other room, but you can listen to something quietly while your wife is mediating or the dog is trying to sleep.

The reason the transmitter doesn’t have the range to go around the house has nothing to do with its $10 price but instead has to do with the FCC regulation and keeping pirate radio to a minimum, plus before the regulation people were getting their regularly scheduled radio stations interrupted with other people’s music.

I think something like this would be great for a kid because there are so many possibilities for the transmitter that it can really expand their creativity. I think any kid would love hooking this thing to the computer and talking on a microphone to hear their voice on the actual radio dial. The kid’s audience would only be limited to any radio within about 15 feet but it’s still pretty darn cool. This transmitter takes two AAA batteries and has a 15 hour battery life, and don’t forget for car use you will also be using the batteries for your MP3 player so I suggest that you pick up some rechargeable batteries.

While looking for something like this I had to sort through a bunch of iPod exclusive docks, with that said this does also work on iPods and anything else with a headphone jack.


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