Various Impact Damage That Brought by Wild Rats

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Rats are mammals that give birth and suckle their children. Rat teeth will continually grow, so must be filed by way of undermining anything. Rats can live outside the house and also lived in the house together with humans. Mice are usually regarded as pests because many have a negative impact that humans are hunted like to be destroyed. Beyond all that, there are also people who make the rats as pets, and there is also a region that respects the culture of mice to the skies that is unlawful harm the mice. Exactly why mice do not liked by many people? Let us see what are the negative effects that can be generated by a rat to human life:

A. Potential Damage

Because the rat is a rodent rat will bite the items in our homes and make the holes for the access road and out of the rat. In addition plants grown man can be broken with a mouse.

2. House soiling

Mice defecate and urinate haphazardly inside and outside our homes, giving rise to the sights and smell. Inevitably we have to clean it is certainly a sense of disgust.

3. Eat Drink and Beverage Food Random Shuffle-Man

If food and drink we are not sealed properly, then the rat can go in and come to feast on our food. If it were so then we would feel disgusted to eat foods that have been sampled and compromised by irresponsible rats.

4. Cause disease

Mice can be a medium spread of dangerous diseases such as plague and leptospirosis (rat urine). If you hear a dangerous disease, it feels like to immediately eradicate rats that are around us in order to avoid the risk of a dangerous disease.

5. Cause pollution

Mice squeaking noises and creates a noise disturbing the peace in our ears. A dead rat and a carcass in a place that our eyes do not look too pretty to be a terror to all residents of the house with high levels of air pollution.

6. People make Fear and Panic

Mice that roll through the swamp here and there around us can also make panic on people who phobia of rats. For some reason people can be afraid of mice and screamed and panicked half to death if they see a mouse. To be sure it is not fun for normal people who are not afraid of mice panic if you see someone else saw the rat.

7. Can Hurt People

Remember the message parents to wash their hands and wash your feet before bed so that rats are reluctant to eat hands and feet are the preferred food bebau mice. Teeth are very sharp indeed rats could have hurt us. Therefore, we must continue to be vigilant and be careful of the various mice threat caused by insolent.

8. Pets prey

Not something that might not be rat-animal attack our beloved pet if you’re hungry. Animals such as birds, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and so could have preyed upon the mice die of starvation. Our pet food was also sometimes a meal hungry rats.

9. Be an eyesore to

What’s the fun look at the shabby appearance of the mice, filthy, dirty, creased, bald and repulsive? By imagining the behavior of rats to us alone is menibulkan feeling extremely upset, especially seeing visions of the rats passing by without feeling guilty in front of us with our own eyes.

10. Outbreaks caused Hunger

Rats in large amounts can damage the rice paddies, fields and gardens are planted with a variety of human foodstuffs such as rice, corn, fruits and vegetables. Mice were also able to attack and spent the supply of food in the granaries and warehouses of food so that the mice infestation should not be underestimated and should be dealt with long before the disaster.
From a variety of loss, deterioration, damage, destruction, fear, panic, and other inconveniences resulting from the arrival of pest rodents in our environment, it should raise awareness to help us together to eradicate pest rodents in order not to

cause loss of material and immaterial larger in the future.


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