Don'ts in Social Sites

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Social site is the best place to communicate with like minded people and make a lot of good friends. Some people misusing the social sites in various manners and getting unwanted problems due to their activities. Each and every site is having a set of rules and guidelines, do’s and don’ts we must follow them while using the site to avoid unwanted issues.

While using a social site we must keep certain manners and mingle with other persons in a friendly way. Don’t share all your personal information with  your unknown online friends. Flirting is quite common in dating and social sites, but don’t take it seriously, just flirt for fun, don’t try to make serious relationship with unknown strangers, as we don’t know more about our online friends. Better to keep certain distance as well as move with a friendly manner with your virtual friends.

Status updates playing an important role in social site and use it in a good manner, don’t update unwanted things in your status. Try to keep a smooth friendship with your social site friends and avoid unwanted arguments and fights with them, some people started to fight with their online friends for silly reasons in public manner. They should avoid this kind of activities. 

Avoid posting pron and adult pictures in public manner. Since some school students as well as elder persons are using social sites and it will give some uneasy feelings to this kind of persons. Don’t try to stalk or made down to other person whom you hate. If you hate a person, just keep distance from them, don’t try to make them down by spreading unwanted ills about them or by stalking them.

Some persons will send invitations to their friends to join with their applications, games, products, affiliate sites and some others. Some of our friends may hate this kind of invitations, so don’t send this kind of invitations in bulk manner, some time person whoever hate this kind of activity may delete you from their friend list for sending such kind of spam mails. Avoid commenting on your own posts as well as liking your own link, there is no meaning in liking our own things, we just share our photos, links and videos in social site for our friends and other people to watch and share their opinion. 

Don’t get addicted with this kind of online social sites and spend most of your time with it. Spending a good amount of time with social site is not a bad thing. But spending 24/7 with a social site as well as getting addicted with social site is not a good thing and it will spoil your other works.


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