Bed Bugs: More Trouble Than Just Biting?

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I may have to apologise in advance about the squimishness and ‘ickyness’ of this article, but did you know that a normal double size bed can harbour anything from two million to four million dust mites. Dust mites are so small that over forty five of them could hitch a ride on the back of a flea! So why do so many live in your bed, and what does this have to do with your blocked nose? Well…

Each day humans shed dead skin, approximately one to two grams of the stuff and to say that the accepted statatistic is that we spend a third of our lifetime in bed, upon a mattress. And being an organisms that enjoys the taste of human flesh, the matress would be the best place for two million of you to reside to feed on the dead skin of humans for your whole lifetime. When thinking about the size of a dust mite, now imagine how small its fecal matter will be. Now imagine how much of that fecal matter is in your mattress and in your bed and everytiem you ‘plop’ yourself down upon it all that dust and matter comes flying into the air were it can hover, float and sit for almost seventy two hours.

Many allergies have been linked to the fecal matter of dust mites, or atleast to a certain protein found in there. So a dust mite infested bed is certainly not helping your nocturnal stuffy nose and dry mouth that makes it so hard to breathe you want to cry.

The EPA suggests cleaning your carpets atleast once every 12 months to get rid of dirt and mites and other potentionaly ‘icky’ things, so why can’t your mattress have the same treatment? You could even try putting your pillows in a plastic bag and freezing them to kill mites, especially if this article had really gave you the ebejeebies. Chucking bed articles into the dryer can also aid to removing foreign objects and subtsances.

There are many things of which can help you tackle that bed time nightmare. Especially if you are prone to the nocturnal sniffles!


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