Android Market Lost The Competition Versus App Store

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Race Competition  Apple versus  Android Operating system, not just about gadgets made by each vendor, but also  the applications store. Recent data on Tuesday, indicating that the number of new applications into the App Store over the Android Market.

The reason more developers look to the iOS, in part due to fragmentation in the Android platform. Citing a study by the analysis Flurry, Business Week reported although the lead in the Android smartphone market share, but the selection of applications in operating system (OS) Android outnumbered by the plan offered to iOS.

Flurry study found that the urge Google to match or surpass Apple’s App Store slowed. This possibility because of the difficulties faced by developers in the program for the Android mobile OS is fragmented.

“We are seeing a greater shift to the iOS,” said Peter Farago, Flurry Vice President of Marketing, as quoted by Apple Insider, Wednesday (15/02/2012).

Through tracing study in 2011, more than 65 thousand new projects have been initiated by approximately 55 thousand developers and new applications for the iOS over the past year grew two-fold compared kai Android applications.

Meanwhile, the results of a survey of two thousand people conducted by Appcelerator and IDC, showed that in November, fewer developers are very interested in writing code for Google OS-based handset compared to the previous June. While interest in the iOS, remained the same during that period.

Slowing down of new applications, according to the programmer is to blame is the fragmentation in the Android ecosystem. In addition to platform fragmentation, Android Market also has some other application store like Apple is not dependent on the iTunes store credit card data users, to make the purchase as simple and fast.

Even according to Farago, the developer can gain more money in the IOS. For instance, GameHouse, game makers ‘Doodle Jump’ and ‘NCIS The Game’ who claim they managed to get three or four times as much revenue in businesses other than their iOS, which is free. Part of the reason for this is the Android version should be completed first, for a variety of adjustments that are necessary for a series of Android handsets as well as changes in OS versions.

Industrial mobile applications see the iOS as the defending champion in the distribution of applications, but many Android devices on the market provide different assumptions about these platforms.

So if Google can combine handset manufacturer partners, and creating a store as one simple and unified in terms of financial as well as iTunes, Android could become the new leader in the industry


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