Web Hosting And Related Subjects

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 You can expected in web hosting solution domain name registration and standers e-mail services from this internet service provider.

Own server hosting:- Your website hosting of your own always may be a option but in that casesome matter always in your mind those are as follow:

(01) Expenses of hardware:- Operating a real website is always need some strong server hardware and for this you need to buy some hardware. You do not expect cheap types of pc doing this work,without that you need one high speed 24 hours internet connection.

(02)Software expenses:-  Always remember that server license can be more than Clint license can be for few users.

(03)Expenses of  labors:- Do not expect cheap labor cost. You need to your own server’s hardware and software install, without that you have to face virus and bug problem and every things maintains for always your need to create a standard and for this you need expert people and for this high expenses are related for it.

Use of internet service provider: You have to good option to rent any internet service provider(ISP). Maximum small company related that  web site with any internet service provider for keeping there data. There are some facilities those are:

01) Connection spreed:- Maximum internet service provider(ISP) has fast speed connection.

02)Strong hardware:- Internet service provider(ISP) has very well strong web server those are used to some of companies, in that case load are used better balance. without that necessary back up will expect you from them.

03)Security and longevity:- In web hosting field internet service provider(ISP) are specialist. You expect from them more than 99% server related best service. Also Latest and best virus protection you can expect from them.

Some preference subject to use ISP:

01) 24 hour service:- For web hosting you first confirm which ISP provider you choice because it is very important .you choice which provider give you 24 hours service other wise you fall in problem yourself. other wise you fall a problem situation.

02) Every day back up:- Must be confirm that your internet service provider give you every day back up your site, other wise you can lost your important data or information any moment.

03)Tariff volume:- Must confirm about  your (ISP) tariff volume first because if your site some day may be very popular in that case that time you have to pay them much money.

04) Bandwidth or content rules:- Properly justify and read internet service provider’s bandwidth or content rules if you have plain or interest in future you publish picture , relay video, or voice then you need added more bandwidth.

05) E-mail facility:- Confirm about your internet service provider fill up of your full e-mail demand.

06) Database access:- If you have to plain that from your data base you surf data in that case be confirm that your internet service provider can give you this facility, that means you can take chance to access your data base.

That all means when you can provide a web site you must need to justify all those subject and choice if you do all this you can get better service other wise you have to chance fall of problem in future. So my advice think first then justify and last step is take decision


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