How to observe administrative professionals day

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Administrative professional’s day is observed on the Wednesday on the last full week in April. It has changed names and dates over the years but the objective stays the same, to recognize the men and woman who make the company tick.  Without the admistrative professionals we could not perform our daily tasks and jobs. The companies would run into ruin very quickly!

This year, Administrative professional’s day falls on Wednesday 22nd April in 2009. It’s main goal is to thank and recognize the contributions to the work place for admin assistants and other office support professionals. Anyone the performs the administrative tasks should be included.

If you don’t normally celebrate or observe this day then this is the year you should start. You don’t even have to spend any money, even by taking 5 minutes out of your day and personally thanking your admin, secretary or receptionist will be a great start.  Show some respect and show that you value there contribution to the company.

Of course you can go much further and give gifts or take them out to lunch. It’s a great time of the year to review and look back and thank them for all the hard work he or she has put in.  They really do make the company run smoothly, we would collapse without them.

Who knows, maybe you will find that your projects and tasks will get extra attention and priority if you take the time to recognize their efforts. Its human nature to want to help someone that is nice and appreciative of you!.


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