How to Identify And Zap Away The Stalkers And Criminals in Your Life

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There are plenty of stalkers and weirdoes out there but that doesn’t mean that you have to put up with them. Have you heard of those stories that stalkers would wait outside a celebrity house and then commit suicide over them? Yes, they can get this scary. I know I’ve been a victim of stalking, and assault many times in my life, and I despise stalkers to the bone. They bother me quiet often and play little games with me. One of my bosses used to stalk me, and then an ex-boyfriend. I’ve been stalk many times so I do feel the fear of most women out there. It can be harmful for women if the stalker is violent. They can use you as a hostage or blackmail you. This is why it’s better to stay away from them in the first place. Do you know how to identify a stalker or a weirdo if you see one? Here are some tips to help identify the weirdo and zap them away.

They call you twenty times a day                                                                

If they are stalking you and calling you and texting you and emailing you more than 20 times a day, then there is something wrong with them. A normal person doesn’t have the time or the bravery to do this without embarrassing themselves in daylight. This sis when you should start to change your phone numbers and don’t let them know where you live.

They show up everywhere that you’re at

If you keep on seeing them everywhere than you’re at, then you must watch out, they’re stalking you. There is no reason why a sane person would keep on showing up because they have a life of their own too. If they don’t have a job, then you should question why they don’t care to have a job.

They know everything about you

They seem to know about you, and you didn’t’ tell them. They did a research on you and ask people about you, go through your things when you’re not there.

They collect a lot of things for trophy

Mentally ill people collect a lot of things from their victims for a trophy or for fun, like their personal belongings, or bodily pieces when they are dead, for a celebration. If you notice a lot of this behavior then you must watch out for them.

They are on drugs

If a person is on drug, they are potentially dangerous for you. Drugs can cause a person to do harmful things to you and to themselves so watch out. You can tell when someone is on drugs by their attentiveness, their physical features, eyes, blur speech, and smell. If they can’t walk straight, blood shot eyes, don’t know the time or the day or their name, and then they’re on something. The best way to deal with these people is to get them help, call the police, or just get away from them, close your door, and tell them to go away. The best thing is to notify the police and get them away from you.

They dress or look like a weirdo

If they dress really strange, or weird, then there is a reason behind it. Usually mentally ill people neglect their look, hair do and so on. You can tell right away if there is something wrong with them. Extravagant fashion is acceptable but if a buy is dressing in women clothing or not wearing a shirt, it could be that he’s high or drunk or gay. If a woman all of a sudden, shaves her head, then something is weird about her too.

They have a criminal history or mental illness

This is the group that is most likely to because you harm. People with a criminal history are most likely to repeat their act and also the same with mentally ill people. If they are mentally ill, they will do things that are very erratic and bizarre and can because you harm or harm them. It will be very difficult for you to handle them so watch out.


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