What Does Responsibility Means to You

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Why would I talk about responsibilities? I like this topic becasue it seems like a lot of young people in the US are falling in their ethic responsibilities. I see it here in my own home. My brothers are somewhat irresponsible for themselves and their family. They don’t help out and they’re lazy. They cause a lot of trouble and I’m this is prevalent in other households, so here are some tips to help you become more responsible.


You have responsibilities to your family. You have responsibilities to keep your family happy and safe and keep them from harming people. You have the responsibilities to teach your kids in a way that they will be good people for society and not harm others.


You have responsibility as parents to raise good children that are good to society. You do have that responsibility and not to harm your children to the point where they will harm themselves or others but I guess a lot of people just neglect their children and they make criminals and patients out of their children.


You do have responsibility to other people like not assaulting them, steal from them, intrude their home, attack them or harm them. I think we all have responsibility towards others. There are some people who do not care and I hope that they care. I feel like it’s unethical to steal, live, attack, cheat on people. I believed that you will pay for what you do to people.


You have the responsibility of being honest with your employer and the people around you. You will have to pay for things that you’re not honest at work. It might be irresponsible to not do your best at work, especially in places where you can harm people like in the healthcare field or banking, or police work. I think this is a critical area where people need to be responsible so not to cause themselves problems and the public. I’ve witnesses numerous irresponsible people so I think people need to be more responsible and ethical for the kind of work that they do.


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