How to Pass The Cet Test or The College Entrance Exam. Background Information on The Test

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Those who achieve to score a CET 6 level are comparable to the English level of non-English major postgraduates.The test includes listening, reading and writing sections. The spoken test is optional and requires certain points from the written test. Most students score a 4 on the test due to their minimal exposure to an English speaking environment. Some score a 6 and those that score an 8 most likely become English Teachers in China. Students generally like to take extra tutoring classes to help them pass the test.

Some changes are made to the CET was reformed in 2005. The changes that were made include the reordering and reorganizing of the sections to include more listening and spoken sections. This would make it harder for students to get a good score because most Chinese students score poorly on speaking and listening sections. They have minimal exposure to native speakers and few chances to have live interactions with English speakers outside of the classrooms. Thus, their speaking and listening skills are low. The revised test included a new “Skimming & Scanning” and “Translation” sections. The translation section will also be a difficult for Chinese students. Talking to a friend who has taken the test and failed, I learned that the test is quite difficult even to those that are good with spoken and written English. He had trouble with being able to report back the facts that he heard within the few minutes that were given. After hearing the second part of the story he would forget the first part, thereupon, making it hard to answer the questions that were asked on the test for the translation section. The addition, a new grading system is graded on a curved scale, so that the highest score possible is 710, while the lowest mark is a score of 290 (this means that the tester has finish all questions but even if they are all wrong they can get that score). Furthermore, the passing grades and qualification certificate elimination is added and a more detailed score report on each section. Last but not least the public service elimination: only university students need to take the test.

The CET is an important test because most employers prefer applicants who have the CET certification. The CET test is not only a prerequisite for obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, but also mandatory for university students in China who are not English majors. It is a college entrance exam test. Therefore, high school students need to take this entrance exam in order to get into college. It is crucial to get a good score in order to secure a good paying job.  

Learning languages is prevalent in China especially the English language. Learning English in China is very prevalent among college students. There are floods of students who work very hard to ace the exam. They study hard every day and prepare for tests by memorizing vocabulary, listen to recordings, and review lessons. Some even take classes on weekends or hire private tutors for extra help.

The CET also has a speaking test and those who score a 4 or 6 on the test are allowed to take this part. For the most part, many Chinese graduates do very well on the writing but poorly on the speaking part.

On the other hand, there is a special test design for English majors called the TEM. This test is mandatory for English majors. It is mandatory for English majors to pass this test in order to graduate. The test should be taken by the end of the sophomore year. TEM-8 (”Band 8″) is the highest level for English major students and it is advisable for students to take it during the end of their senior year.

There are a few options for English Majors to pass their major’s graduation requirement. If they fail to pass the TEM-4 during his or her sophomore year, they are given another chance to pass the test. During their senior year they can take the TEM-8. However, for those who fail to pass the TEM-8, you get one last chance to retest which takes place in the following year after graduating from college. If you cannot pass it this last time you will be disqualified. Many students try to obtain language training in order to help them pass the test. This can be done through individual mentoring or taking the English learning education classes. Some of the classes are taught in Chinese with English examples to make it easier for English language learners to understand. Scoring a 8 is very rare and would get you a good job. Mo

Some facts on the Vocabulary Requirement are that the CET-4 is 4000 words, CET-6 is 6000 words, TEM-4 is 6000 words, and the TEM-8 is 13000 words (”College English Test“).

Overall, the CET or College English Test is a very important which decides the fate of college students in China. It is comparable to passing the final exam for the foreign language requirement in America. Students in America also have to pass this test in order to graduate for college. Like taking any test it is better to be well prepared and it does not hurt to prepare with a study guide specifically for that given test. The chances are better for one to pass because the study guide has been designed to focus on certain strategies and ideas that are on the test. With the knowledge that students have gained in class and the supplement from the study guides, passing the CET with a good score has been made that much easier.


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