doing graffiti is fun.

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graffiti, smothing that people always seen in some wall, bus, train, mirror, or everywhere. it contains many colour, and also means a lot. some graffiti contain name, team, picture of face, characters, and etc. graffiti is always handmade, so the writers ( thats we called someone who write graffiti) have a skillful to write some graffiti. but everybody can do graffiti, because since we were child, we has always like to write anythings on wall, chair, table and etc. the first writer is famous by the name TAKI183, taki is his name, and “183” is the name where he lives. the first write is just a tagging. tagging is similar with signature. but after that some writer makes their name more colorful. they also draw some picture of their pfoto, their characters, their logo, or even stencils. some writers said that “tagging is like soldiers, the more soldiers you have in an army, the more chances for you to win the war”. the fun of graffiti is when we are running from people, police, or anyone else who forbid us to do it. i also have an experiences about it. it’s happen when i was in second grade of high school, when i was draw some graffiti near my house. it was at night, and dark. i do the graffiti with some couples of friends, when a bic car is passed me. when i know that it was a police car, i run as fastest i can. i don’t know that they were drive fastly to arrrest me. and somethings who are rally funny is when i run fastly, i was dropped into a dirty river that were enough deep. hahahaha…

that are some my experience when doing some graffiti, so whi don’t you try to make one yourself, and have your funny moments.


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