How to give a speech at a wedding.

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Giving a toast or speech at a wedding can be a daunting task. Take a look at the steps below to help you plan and prepare for your big moment.

The number one priority is to prepare. Don’t leave it to the night before, you should be prepared and polished at least a week or two before the wedding.   When planning the speech, make a note of all the topics you want to address and how you want to finish it. Everyone will remember the end, so make it a good finish.

Find out exactly who the audience is going to be. This may be obvious if its your wedding, but if you are a best man and don’t know the audience you need to find out so you can adapt. You don’t want to be telling the wrong sort of jokes.

Everyone loves a humorous speech, but don’t just rattle off joke after joke, people get very emotional at weddings, so try and connect to the emotional side and end with hearth felt warm focus on the whole ceremony and happy day.

Some things to avoid: Don’t get drunk before the speech, maybe a glass or two, but you want to be sharp and focused.  Stick to the script, you have it planned out, so don’t go off and try to add in some extra material. 

End the speech on a toast and good wishes to everyone involved in the wedding, make sure you have the list down, you dont want to miss anyone out and hurt feelings.


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