Top Technology Spending Trends For 2012

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In 2012, we can expect to see more and more continued demand for mobile devices and gadgets which will out grow the mainstream PCs / laptops. With the influx of consumerisation on social media and mobility, there will be a disruptive impact on many of the world’s industries. This will need to require many changes to current existing processes which is responsible in propelling businesses and IT transformation within a company. Organisations may have to review and trim off their inefficient business processes and invest in new infrastructure and manage those redundant data.

Cloud computing will still continue to be a strategic area of focus as we will see the increased adoption of cloud computing by enterprises looking to reduce cost. To address the security concerns in cloud computing deployment, most companies are likely to spend their money to invest in security solutions such as mobile device management and network security.

Business spending in the IT sectors will focus around areas such as consultancy in mobility strategy and more cost optimal application development for hosting, provisioning and security management, business intelligence and cloud computing.

The evolving mobilisation technologies in the market today need to revolve around the customer centric business approach. This in turn is forcing a lot of banks to be more nimble, but yet to remain robust in their systems. Business opportunities will arise from banks looking to overhaul their commercial lending back end operations to enable a service oriented back office with a single view customer transaction management.

The aging population around the world is presenting a lot of challenges for developed and developing countries. Healthcare services providers are now focused on enabling efficient operations, and on sharing of records and health information. We can certainly see a lot of opportunities in the creation of critical public hospital systems such as personal electronic health records, clinical decision support systems, mobile monitoring systems and smart clinical analytics. Healthcare IT experts will need to deploy new technologies, define new business processing and provide the resources to meet most IT challenges thus improve health outcomes and gain new insight into entire organizations.


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