Benefit of Living in California

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There are tons of jobs in CA as well. Ca is a very large state and a very well to do state when it’s not in a recession or govern by bad politicians. If you like to have a great professional job, then CA is the place for you.


If you love sun shine, and the beach, as well as beautiful women, then CA is made for you. You will love the weather here, just like Hawaii, and beautiful women like those in heaven. You will be able to do a lot of year round outdoor activities like surging, swimming, walking your dog, hiking, and other outdoor sports. Some people move here just to surf, in Huntington Beach, so you can benefit from this if you’re a surfer. I usually see people surfing around 3am, and this is how much they love surfing. Fishing is also a treat here, people would fish in Newport Beach or places like Redondo Beach, some beach here are well known for great fishing. Living by the beach is also a treat here, if you can afford it, if not, you can rent a place near the beach and walk there daily.


There are culture here and this is a fantastic thing about CA. there are different ethnic groups here that are highly populated in certain part of CA, like orange county for Asian, or Santa Ana for Hispanics, or Jewish in Los Angeles, and so forth. The culture is the most fantastic thing about CA. they gather together and they party. There are parities every night in OC, CA. a lot of partying is good too for the well being of the people, and for the businesses there. It’s good to do businesses here, especially in the food and beverage industry or night clubs.


There are so many beautiful girls in CA. if you want to marry a hottie, and then CA is for you. Some state are so deficient in women but not CA, you will have a great time dating here. It’s easy to date in CA, unlike some other state.


It’s fun to live in CA. when you hear of CA, you hear of fun. There are too many things to do here and people to meet. It’s a dynamic state.


Hollywood is here also for those working in the entertainment industry. There are many jobs here. You will make it big one day. You can search for jobs here if you love the entertaining business.

Diversified culture

If you love a diversified environment then this is your state. You will get to see and meet much different type of people.

Good universities

They have some of the best Universities in the nation, like UCLA, UCI, Berkeley, Stanford, USC, and more. Your children will benefit from these good Universities.


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