Dealing With Disrespectful Teens

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Identify the reasons

Is there a reason why your kids are disrespectful? Is there something that is bothering them? For example, kids get mad if you don’t let them do what they want to do, like going out with friends, being online, chatting, or partying. Kids usually get really disrespectful because they want to fight back. Once you know why they’re mad, you can fix it. There are some kids that are just going through adolescent and they will go through this phase but remember that kids don’t think clearly so don’t blame them for everything. They don’t know the rights and wrongs like adults do. They can be confused. Children from a broken home are also mad at their living condition and tend to be resenting their parents and are very disrespectful at time because they’re angry and not happy.

Are they on drugs?

Usually kids that are high or drunk will not know what they are doing so they tend to snap a lot. Drugs also cause people to act erratically a they do get really disrespectful. Drugs and alcohol change their temperament instantly so they could be a different person. If they have alcohol or drugs problems, and some teens do nowadays, you should get them help to get them off of it.

Do you suffocate them?

Do you suffocate your children by controlling them and putting them in a cage? I know this is the case with my parents and it makes me really sick. I tend to argue and fight back a lot because they wouldn’t allow my freedom. I guess kids are just people and they do need many things in life like their friends, going out, partying and their hobbies. It’s not right to ban them away from the things that they love if they’re not harmful.

Are they getting their play time?

Children should get to play too and they can get neurotic if they don’t get to play. You should allow children to go out and play after school or after they’re done with their homework. A light sport will help them keep their temper under control and let them have some fun. Kids need to play and it’s an important part of their development.

Have you taught them well?

Did you ever discipline kids while they were growing up? You can’t expect a perfect kid if you have never put any time into teaching them good behaviors or disciplining them.

Do you have a disciplinary method?

Do you have a way to discipline kids if they get out of control? If you don’t then they think that they can get away with everything and not care one bit about you.

Get your family involve

If your kids are so out of control, you can get your family involve, perhaps they will listen to other people and not you. I know this is the case in my family, my brother tend to listen to me and not to my parents, maybe it’s because I understand him more or know how to talk to him.

Get some counseling

If your children are totally out of control, I suggest some professional counseling. A psychologist will know how to help your kids or put them in training camp.


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