Instructions On How to Shave With A Safety Razor

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In the hands of the experienced individual, shaving will be a pleasurable experience producing highly desirable and satisfying results. How to shave with a safety razor includes specific technique and once mastered will result in the use of plastic or disposable razors as a thing of the past.

A large number of consumers are switching to the use of safety razors due to the rising costs involved with the purchase of plastic cartridges and considering the double edged blade an investment when well taken care of. For a comfortable and refreshing shave, it is important to purchase blades which are of a higher quality which will further provide longer term usage. Remember that the use of blades which are not regularly changed will contribute to an irritated skin and the possibility of infection after shaving.

The very first mistake which many men make when it comes to how to shave with a safety blade includes the application of pressure on the skin. Quality razors including sharper blades require absolutely no pressure when applied and should simply be glided over the skin. The reason for this application is that increased pressure will result in the removal of the top layer of protective cells and develop painful rashes otherwise known as razor burn.

When starting the traditional shaving process, first prepare the area to be shaved. This includes softening the beard by moisturizing and softening the skin which may be achieved after a hot shower or by holding a moist and warm towel against the skin. This will ensure that hair is softer for the prevention of the development of rashes and other irritation.

The next step includes adding product to the beard and creating a relatively thick lather to be spread over the area to be shaved. The use of a shaving brush will contribute to more of an even spread and simply requires dabbing the brush into the foam and spreading across the beard. This option will provide sufficient lubrication for an even and smoother shaving experience.

During preparation hold the particular razor at a 30 to 45 degree angle against the skin, but do not apply a great deal of pressure. Begin the shaving process by moving the tool with the hair grains. Holding the razor against the skin, simply glide it across the target area for a clean and comfortable shaving session.

Once the thicker hair has been removed, glide over the skin again once a second application of lather is applied. This tool is meant to reduce and thin longer and thicker beards and therefore going over the area for a second or third time will provide a cleaner result. Proceed to rinse and clear your face with a splash of cold water and apply after shave.

The traditional method of shaving can provide a smoother and cleaner result. It will also reduce the costs involved in purchasing plastic cartridges. How to shave with a safety razor involves mastering a specific technique for optimal outcomes.


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