The Benefits to Dating Asian Women

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Asian women are different than American women in many ways but not to say it’s the same with all Asian women. There are good women in all cultures. It will depend on the individual person but Asian women have been ingrained deeply by their culture to be a good wife and subordinate to their husband and some men like this better than an equal relationship. There are some men who like to make the decisions in the relationship and the women are ok with it.

They cook and clean

Asian women are trained form early to cook and clean. They’re viewed as not a good daughter or wife if they don’t know how to do these things. They are different than American women, where they don’t care to cook or clean, although a lot of them do cook and clean but not for you but for themselves.

They like being a housewife

There are some women that are into being housewives. A lot of Asian women are very intelligent and they’re very career oriented in the US if they don’t have a rich husband. However, they don’t mind being housewives.

They’re family oriented

Asian women are family oriented. Family is very important to them and they devote a lot of time to their children and family. They don’t spend all of their time going out to party like American women. Asian women are not used to a lot of partying on their own. Maybe this will work for you.

They have respect for you

Asian women are very respectful to their husband. You will rarely find them swearing at you or calling you names. They see their husband as their superior.

They take care of your kids

They usually take really good care of their kids. Your kids will have a good mom who will always be there for them.

They are good with money

Asian women are good with money. They’re good at savings and not spending.

They are petite and don’t gain weight easily

Asian women don’t gain weight easily by their genes. They’re usually thin and petite. Their diet usually does not lead to massive weight gain. They have disciple and they do not gain weight a lot. This is good for most men. A lot of men don’t like overweight women so you will always get a woman who is in shape at all item.


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