Dealing With Children on Drugs And Alcohol

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Dealing with your own children while they’re on drugs or alcohol is tough, and more so if you have a busy life of your own. I know I used to deal with problems like this in my family and it was hell for us. We were all busy and we just didn’t want to deal with the kids at all. The kid can destroy your family with their habits. I know it so well like from the examples on Interventions shows. Kids are more into alcohol and drugs nowadays then anything else. It’s a parent’s duty to help their kids be a good person and stay off of drugs or at least until they turn 18 years old.

What can you do?

You can talk to your kids and ask them to try to quit because it’s harmful for them. You can tell them that you will forgive them as long as they try to quit. It’s not a good thing for kids to be chronic users. They will fall off of school and will not want to work or do anything else in their life.


There are rehab for those that are addicted and they might help with anti-dote, they are more likely to get off of drugs. You can get them into one of the rehab; there are some that are free of charge by the local community too. I believe that some of the antidote will help them recover from their addictions. It’s more effective than behavioral therapy. Once a chemical took a control your brain, you need to reverse with medication and medication is very effective. You can count on rehab to gain your child’s sobriety back.


You can take your kids to professional counseling and let them work with your kids if you have given up on them. Some kids are so miserably out of control that you can only depend on professional help. I know that this was the point in my family.


Your kids need disciplinary action, at any cost so they know that they can’t do anything that they wish as long as they live under your roof. The easier you are with your children the more they will get out of shape.

Don’t give them money

If you don’t give them money, they won’t have any money to buy drugs or alcohol with. They must get the money from somewhere so let them work for it.

Kick them out

If they’re old enough, you can kick them out of your house, so they will wake up from their addiction. It’s hard to do drugs and alcohol if you don’t have food or a place to live.


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