Feb 13, Bomb Attack, India Better Be on Alert

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13 Feb is day that India better not forget. On this daythe terror group Hezobollah made its entry into India. A man on a red colored motorcycle tailed a car of the Israeli embassy and attached a small magnetic bomb to the rear of the car.
The motorcyclist sped away, but the bomb was exploded by remote control and the car caught fire. The terror group Hezobollah had targeted the diplomats car. Israel has claimed the attack was planned by Iran.
All this has little relevance for India. The question for India is more far reaching. India is facing a Pakistan inspired terrorist movement in Kashmir. That is not all as certain terror groups in Pakistan like Jaish e a Mohammed and Lashkar e Taiba are plotting attacks against India, like the one in Mumbai on 26/11.
For India the danger is real as the Hezobollah have a seamless integration with organizations like the Lashkar, which have vowed to bleed India with 100 cuts. What will happen if the technology used in the Israeli bomb attack comes in the hands  of the Jaish and Lashkar? The fat will then be in the fire.

India thus cannot soft pedal the issue on the ground that Iran is a friend of India. Historically Iran sided with Pakistan in two earlier wars with Pakistan in 1965 and 1971. India has to be alert. Obviously this bomb attack could not have taken place without local help. There is thus an urgent need to identify the local lcollabrators. In addition security drills have to br tightened.for god forbid the same technology can be used to target Indian VIPs. The sad part is that the terrorist attack took place in a high security area, close to the Prime Minister’s residence. The security agencies have thus been caught with their pants down 

The situation is further compounded by India thinking Iran is a friend. Nothing can father from truth than such a notion. It should not be forgotten that Iran does not back India’s position on Kashmir. Many times Iran has said Kashmir is a disputed terrirory. In addition Iran backed Pakistan in the wars with India. Not the actions of a friend. Thus in case the Irani hand is proved, India must act and arrest the terrorists. In such a scenario the Thai police has done a better job by nabbing 2 out of the 3 terrorists who tride a similar act in Bangkok.
India is percieved as a soft state. This impression needs to be corrected.


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