10 Things to Check in Google Analytics

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Google analytics is a very powerful tool for internet marketing. Most users of analytics are generally clueless about what they should monitor in order to extract the maximum from this tool. The main reason for using analytics is to increase the conversion rate of the website. Before you could actually get a grasp of your conversion rate, you would need to first ensure that you are tracking everything that may help you analyze your strategies.

Here is a checklist of things that would be helpful for all internet marketing experts:

  1. Is the tracking code on every page? To get more accurate results for your website, you need to keep track of every page. Make sure that the tracking code is there. It is also recommended to update to the asynchronous mode because it is a general observation that it provides more reliable numbers. After you have the tracking code on each page, ensure that it is fully functioning. You can ensure its functioning by looking up the data in Google Analytics. You can also use an HTTP monitor in order to make sure that utm.gif is requested during page load. You need to have a clear picture

  2. Are cross domains and sub domains being tracked properly? You would want to track how people flow from one domain to the other.

  3. Are your goals configured with the funnels? You would need to visualize the funnels to ensure that your strategies are going the right way. Ensure that the funnels are configured properly.

  4. E-commerce configured? Users believe that e-commerce tracking should only be done for e-commerce websites, but frankly speaking, any website that can provide some monetary value should have it.

  5. Adwords Linked? You would surely want to see how your Adwords investment is faring. Link your account to Adwords to monitor how well your investment is faring.

  6. Are campaign tags being used properly? All internet marketing experts use campaign tags for marketing.

  7. Are events being tracked? Users are generally confused about the definition of an event. Search engine optimisation is a dynamic process and you will have to consider any action as an event. For example, if people are moving from your website to a third party site, it can be counted as an event.

  8. Site search configured? This is one must do thing for your website. A visitor would probably use a search box to find what he is looking for on the website. More often than not, a good site search option covers up for some navigation problems that the website may have.

  9. Are social engagements being tracked? You surely need a social component installed on your site. Once you have those components installed, you will need to get a good picture of your social engagement. You can do this by using the Google Analytics’ plug-in for Social Engagement.

Adsense linked? If you are relying heavily on Adsense for revenue, you will surely want to know more about its performance. 


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