The Mystery of Subhas Chandra Bose And His Death

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There have been  3 commissions of enquiry set up by the government of India. Two were apponted by the Congress government and the last by the BJP government.The first 2 concluded that Subhas Bose  died in the aircrash at Taipeh, but the third commission  headed by Justice Mukherjee concluded that Bose did not die in the  crash. Though the findings were not accepted by the Vajpayee government question is what  happened to Bose.

The Possibilities

What are the facts? New light has emerged that in fact Bose may have escaped to Russia and net the Soviet dictator Josef Stalin. Some reports also suggest that an Azad Hind Government in exile was formed in Russia. There are also reports that the Indian ambassador to Russia Dr S Radhakrishan was shown Bose in a prison cell in Siberia. Thus there is a distinct chance that Bose went to Russia and after some time he was imprisoned by the soviets.

Gumnaam Baba

There is another mystery that concerns a man called Gumnaam baba who died in 1996. He was cremated in the middle of the night and many people suggested that this man was in reality Subhas Chandra Bose. The Mukherjee commission examined all data and found the possession of the baba a little odd. Certain books were found in his possession, that would do justice to only a man of letters and the baba was supposed to be illiterate. However no opinion was expressed by Justice Mukherjee, though in a private chat Justice Mukherjee conceded that Gumnaam baba could have been Bose.


All this is in the realm of conjecture and everything will only clear out by 2021 when the royal archives regarding Bose are opened and made public. Perhaps Nehru knew the truth, but he could not have allowed Bose to come back to India as he (Nehru) would have lost straight away. But then again in case Gumnaam baba was Bose, why was he residing incognito. The mystery of Bose will take some more years to unravel. Perhaps some more light may shine once the papers kept in the Kremlin are given access to Indian researchers.


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