Online Business Marketing Five Dominating Myths

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There are different methods available nowadays for implementing online marketing services in a business. Hence, it would be better if one distinguishes and separates out the myths from facts before getting started with any form of online marketing. This will also help new comers to know what is right as well as wrong for their business concern. Following are few of the most widespread myths spiraling about online web marketing:  

1.    Waste of resources– The use of online business marketing is just a waste of time & energy is one common myth that is believed by many. But this is not completely true. In fact one should understand using any service not in its real essence can lead to wastage of time and resources. Social media is not an exception.

In general, web marketers just create a Facebook or Twitter page in name of Social Media Marketing, and feel that they are done with their part. Indeed, one needs to be consistent in posting comments or opinions, acquiring genuine and reliable fan followings and generating advertising campaigns for being successful via SMM techniques.

2.    Just a Fad– This is one more fairy tale attached with the term SMM that social networks are just like other latest trends in craze that will fade their popularity with the passage of time. Although the fact is that, one social networking website may fall behind in race of getting attention as such it happened with MySpace. However, one should also not forget that there is already another one behind it, gaining momentum to be the cult just like Facebook, and Google+ currently in pursuit.

3.    Quite Expensive– This is a common mindset of many people that online web marketing is too costly and beyond feasibility in terms of cost. It is true that few big companies charge big amounts for a genuinely noteworthy website design and its online marketing. However, the reasonably priced and effective ways to set up online marketing as a practice to business operations are also not in deficit. Most significant ones include:

•    Social Media Marketing (SMM services),
•    Search Engine Optimization (SEO services) through blogs & articles,
•    Video Media Optimization (VMO) through uploading videos as on YouTube
•    Delivering promotional newsletters through Email Marketing Services.  

Employing such activities is definitely a lengthy task. But, these involve very nominal investment comparatively.

4.    Product Approach– Usually businessmen are of the view that the product can sell on its own, there is no such need to own a great website for this purpose. It’s certainly true that one does not require a highly flashy website with boogie-woogie images at the home page with use of colors in abundance. But it is also quite imperative to display the similar signs of professionalism, as you do in your regular business, on your website as well. A scantily designed website puts a lethargic image of a company in front of its audience.

5.    Right Targeting– There is no such proven theorem in case of Online Business Marketing which says Increased Traffic = Increased Profit. Unless and until, whole traffic is quality traffic. Thus, ensure that you target the right audience.



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