Lowering Risk of Heart Disease Not as Difficult as Imagined

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Heart disease is one of the most feared disease because it can kill humans quickly. Treatment of heart disease is also somewhat difficult.

But the truth is by reducing the risk of people could avoid the threat of heart disease and lower the risk of heart disease was not as difficult as imagined.

Only by keeping your weight and fitness levels will be seen as bertambanhnya age benefits to heart health.

Just so you know, lose a lot of fitness or fat deposits, with age can be bad for the heart. But by avoiding any of the fitness and fat loss it can protect the heart.

Recent studies have been published on February 6, 2012. U.S. researchers have observed more than 3,100 healthy adults. The study participants did not improve exercise patterns, but only to maintain fitness levels, reduce the chances of developing high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart disease risk factors.

So also with those who maintain their weight can reduce the risk of heart disease. By losing some excess body fat may also reduce the risk of heart disease.

In general, people who continue to improve your fitness over time seems to be against some of the adverse effects of weight gain.

“The results show that, to protect heart health is not as difficult as had been thought a lot of people,” said Duck-chul Lee, a researcher from the University of South Carolina in Columbia as reported by HealthNews, Wednesday (08/02/2012).

Metabolic syndrome refers to many risk factors for heart disease. Metabolic syndrome include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, fat accumulated in the abdomen, and high blood sugar levels.

The risk of high blood pressure or high cholesterol in people with Touch ups fitness level is about 26-30 percent lower, compared with those who decreased fitness levels. The risk of metabolic syndrome is also about 42-52 percent lower.

Similarly, when people increase the percentage of body fat over time, it is more likely to develop cardiovascular risk factors. For every increase of 1 percent body fat, the possibility of risk factors increased by about 3-8 percent.

But in general, people who experience an increase in body weight can remain healthy if it continues to improve your fitness. If overweight people can lose some fat, also may lower the risk of heart disease. So, should the need of physical activity should always be met.


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