How to get a replacement drivers license

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You may be suprised at the frequencey but it happens all the time, lost or stolen drivers license. This article will give the steps you can follow to get a replacement drivers license.

Each state will have a different process or procedure to follow. There may be different steps to follow based on the reason behind your request for a replacement. For example if the license has been stolen or if you have changed address and just need an updated license.

Check your states DMV website, this will give information on how to request a replacement, some states will allow processing online, others will require you to make a appointment at a local department location.  Information on locations and other forms will be provided on your states DMV website. 

There are other non-official websites that also give information on the procedure, process and costs of getting a replacement drivers license. DMV.ORG is a good resource, its not connected in anyway to the official DMW but can be a good source of information.

There may be a cost involved, it can vary based on state. Again, check your states DMV website for details and process that you need to follow.  Pay specific attention to the process if you beleive your license has been stolen or compromised, you may need to provide additional information.

Dont forget if you have to visit the DMV office to check out the online appointment booking system, just turning up and requesting an appointment can sometimes take hours, so book ahead of time to avoid the lines and hassle.


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