TuneUp Utilities Review

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TuneUp Utilities is a great, easy-to-use, user-friendly program which will allow you to keep your computer in shape. It has a great selection of quick little programs that will significantly improve your computer’s performance.

It has three main categories named “Increase Performance”, “Free up Disk Space”, and “Maintain Windows”.

These three categories are very useful as they allow you to change settings in your computer that will make it perform better and work more efficiently.

Increase Performance

Here, you will find a great Drive Defrag. Defragmentation can take quite a while depending on when the last time you defragmented your computer was. You can also schedule an automatic defragmentation, useful for when you do not have the time to do it manually or you simply forget. This will ensure a better performance.

TuneUp Utilities also comes with a great Startup Manager, where you can manage the programs and processes that automatically run at the startup of your computer. This is also very easy to use.

Another great tool is the System Optimizer. Here, you can optimize your Internet connection, and the configuration of your computer.

TuneUp Utilities also has a Registry Defrag which will reduce the size of your registry and fix any errors that are found in it. This can result in a better performance.

The last tool in this category is the Memory Optimizer.

Free up Disk Space

This category is pretty self-explanatory. It simply frees up disk space by scanning for unnecessary files and backups, and also windows functions which you can get rid of as long as you do not use them. Once it is done scanning, a value of the occupied space is shown and you can now choose to delete them and free up that occupied space. Do not be surprised if quite a bit of memory is freed up!

Here you will also find a great Disk Space Explorer. This will show the usage of your disks and you will also be able to move files and folders around as you wish. It is a great little organizer if you have a “messy” computer.

Maintain Windows

This category is all about keeping your computer clean and organized for a longer period of time. You might perform an overall cleanup once, but the most important thing is to have a routine defragment and cleanup. This will ensure that your computer is always in top shape.
The 1-Click Maintenance feature will make that job much easier. With literally one click, it will correct registry problems, free up disk space, and optimize hard disk performance.

If you are not all about automatic maintenance, you can choose to perform manual maintenance whenever you feel your computer needs it.

Customize Windows

In addition to these three categories, TuneUp Utilities has a lot of fun little tools that can totally change the appearance of your computer. You can download Icon Packages that will replace most if not all icons in your computer with new icons. You can also change user log-in screen and boot screen.

The best thing about TuneUp Utilities is that everything is reversible. It makes an automatic backup of every change you make in the settings of your computer or any file deletion. If you make a mistake you can just restore the file and change the settings back to the previous configuration. The backups are stored in the “Rescue Center”.

Overall, TuneUp Utilities is a great program with plenty of tools that every computer can benefit from. Hope this helped!


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